2 Ways to Appreciate Rothko in Westchester This Month

Mark Rothko, known for his color field paintings, remains one of the most influential Abstract Expressionist artists more than fifty years after his death. His broad swaths of paint often elicit strong emotional connections from their viewers. So where can arts lovers get a dose of Rothko inspiration in Westchester this month? Here are two ways:

  1. Schoolhouse Theater’s Red

This Schoolhouse Theater production tells the story of when Rothko was commissioned to paint a mural at The Four Seasons restaurant in Manhattan, known now as his Seagrams murals.  Written by John Logan and directed by Owen Thompson, the play is the Schoolhouse’s first in-person production in three years. Dates and times vary through April 30. Read more about it here.

  1. Katonah Museum of Art’s The Rothko Room

Visitors of the Museum’s Miniature Worlds can also snag a peek at one of Rothko’s works up-close through June 25. This small room holds big energy. Built for reflection, it displays a single Rothko work opposite a bench that is meant for individual reflection. The painting, Untitled (1969) was created in the last year of the artist’s life.


Photo courtesy of Schoolhouse Theater.

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