Tania Guerrera

category: Literary, Visual,

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Artist Statement

As an artist I use the process of creating as a healing and meditative medium.  Setting the mind free during the creative process allows us, with the right setting, to enter into altered states of awareness. As a result the images, words and crafts become power objects and spiritual medicine for the soul.  My ethnic and cultural background informs my spirit therefore you will find Taino Arawak motifs, Yoruba Orishas, Ethiopian and Rastafarian themes, Mary and Christ, People in Meditation , Mandalas and always the Goddess and Mother Earth.  Because of my Taino Arawak ancestry I identify with aspects of the Shamanic Tradition and reclaim this heritage with visionary imagery. Stories of Taino Abuelas and African Grandmothers heard during childhood populate and reflect my inner world.

Educational Background