Susan Manspeizer

category: Visual,

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Artist Statement

As a woman in my early 70’s, my work has long explored themes of resilience and maturation. In a new series of bent-wood sculptures, I explore similarities between the life cycles of women and shells. Both once served as vessels for life, yet continue afterward through important, progressive personal stages of their own. I celebrate the aging process as fleeting, fragile and fraught with imperfections that beg acceptance. An initial glance at these sculptures reveals intense, vibrant colors and exciting, sensuous shapes. But further inspection reveals more a nuanced surface: unconcealed imperfections emerge including areas of raw, exposed wood, jagged and frayed edges, and countless small cracks. Life is beautiful, but filled with challenges. My work celebrates the fact that, as we mature, we continue to grow, reinvent and transform ourselves. Carpe diem! Cease the moment and go forward positively.

Educational Background

1976-1981 Art Students League, Bruce Dorfman 1966-1968 Corcoran Gallery, Washington, DC 1966 City College of New York M.A. 1962 City College of New York, B.A.,cum laude