ruth irving

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Artist Statement

I am inspired by nature. This series is from my imagination and explores biology with a focus on mushrooms and their relationships through fiber, ceramics and mixed media.

I create with the intent to fill out the beauty I see in life, or extend past what feels too beautiful to experience and not shy away from it.  In biology, cells are repeated and consistent in all life but inherently individual and alive. Mushrooms are numerous with large underground networks and diverse aboveground fruiting bodies. In these ideas I find room for interpretation and pushing beyond what is seen to creating what I feel about the environments and subjects involved in hidden and visible spaces of resting, information, options, and life in science.

To execute these ideas, I layer, repeat and manipulate materials until there is a shift into another realm. Glass beads become a network of communication; silk threads become a colorful undulating surface. Fiber is pulled, stuffed and woven to create textures and surfaces that step outside of their common associations. I create in all directions to materialize these concepts. Often my sculptures will have activated interior spaces as well as external textures. Wall paintings and hung mixed media pieces allow a wider range of viewing possibilities for these ideas.

In my work the inner and outer spaces become a metaphor for the artist’s inner life. I create the intimacy I seek for myself.

Educational Background

Bachelor of Science in Design and Architecture (2002-2007)

University of Florida, Gainesville, FL


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