Ocean Morisset

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Artist Statement

Ocean Morisset is a self-taught (freelance) photographer with nearly twenty years of experience specializing in Photojournalism and Documentary photography, photographing everyday life and the human condition on the streets of  Westchester and NYC. A self described "humanitarian-with-a-camera", Ocean also explores Fine Art photography and engages with a wide range of subjects in life, though his passion remain in telling stories with images. Ocean’s choice of subject matter reveals his humanitarianism, as he has a keen eye for the unnoticed and under-appreciated aspects of life, and presents them in a way that the viewer takes hold of the image for their own self-reflection.

In addition to his personal work, Ocean has been hired to photograph various events, demonstration's and works with private clients for all of their family portrait and photography needs with his particular brand and ability to capture the "soul" of his subjects.

In 2018, Ocean Morisset has been awarded the inaugural Larry Salley Photography Award from ArtsWestchester.


Educational Background

Self-taught Photographer with nearly twenty years of experience.