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Artist Statement

ART IS.....LIFE Art has the power to change the world. Art helps us express ourselves freely. Allows us to creatively share our perspectives. Has the power to build bridges culturally, racially and economically. I use my work to inspire people from all walks of life. Especially young people who live in urban environments. I want them to embrace where they come from and embrace the beauty around them but also aspire to greater things. Art has absolutely changed my life. Art has taken me to parts of the country I never thought I would see. Parts of the world I never thought I would see. Never dreamed, growing up in the Bronx, that I would be given the opportunity to travel to share my art. Dreams live. I recently traveled to Turkey for an art residency. I lead workshops with local artists and the experience was so transformative. One of my fellow artists, said that this was the first time she felt borderless and free. That is the essence of art to me. I try to tell stories visually. I use color schemes and text that comes either directly from my subjects or inspired by them. I travel all over soaking up the culture of a particular space and focus on defining and celebrating that space.

Educational Background

I am a self taught artist, which I wear like a badge of honor. I always say I don't know what not to do, because I wasn't taught to follow rules. I've always felt the freedom to experiment with techniques. That for me, is one of the things I like to stress with students of all ages. To not only trust the process but enjoy it as well. To create without fear. In college,  I studied communications and journalism, so I believe that is why words play such a major role in my work. Words have power and I like to celebrate words of inspiration throughout my work.

Teaching Artist Experience

I've worked with a wide range of students through residencies and interactive mural projects. My focus is helping students embrace the process and enjoy creative freedom.
Art Residencies/ Student Workshops 2019 Fresh Air Fund, Art Specialist for Camp Junior. Conducted art classes at the sleep away camp in Harriman State Park with kids 9-13 years old from the Bronx, NY. Worked on various projects focusing on promoting peace and self esteem. 2019 Benchmarks, City parks bench project with CEI/NYC DOE. Worked with three NYC public school  middle school aged art classes to design park benches based on social issues that are important to them. I facilitated the process of researching and designing the benches. Oct. 2018 Next Level USA, Hip Hop cultural exchange. Meridian International Center. CerModern, Ankara, Turkey. Lead a Visual art workshop with 15 local artists ( various projects including large scale murals on wood panels, Repurposed canvas projects, self portrait beyond the physical project) 2018 Peekskill Middle School, Selfie: Portrait beyond the physical. Lead two advanced art classes to create abstract portraiture using collage. Teaching students to look beyond physical features as a way to define themselves. Feb. 2017 Peekskill High School, Four separate thematic wall murals on wood panels with advanced art students. 2017 Woodside Elementary, Peekskill, NY City of Peekskill Mural. Lead ELA 3rd grade students in the creation of a mural installed in the hallway of the school.
2017 Summit Academy, (Alternative High School) Lead workshop with 60 students to learn process of layering various media to create Wall of Inspiration mural.