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Contact & Info

  • mckevflow@icloud.com

Artist Statement

My paintings and drawings are a poetic evolution and constant exploration of the human experience. Involved in the act of creation, with creativity. I paint and draw each piece as if it were my last. Taking my time to show intricate detail that’ll reveal the passion and patience it took to execute beauty in the realm of art.

Educational Background

Attended Mount Vernon High School advanced Art, went on to Bronx Community College where he majored in Graphic Designing!

Teaching Artist Experience

Taught art therapy at the Youth Shelter of Westchester. In addition created several art workshops in various communities. I’ve been feature in the Black Westchester news paper. I’ve done several exhibitions at the Warburton Gallery in Yonkers NY. Painted pictures for celebrities such as JadaKiss and Mary J. Blige. Also I’ve been a featured artist in the Alvin and friends exhibition at the Rye Art Center in Rye, NY.