Danielle Siegelbaum

category: Visual,

Contact & Info

Website: http://www.daniellesiegelbaumart.com

Phone: 212-380-6717

  • contact@siegelbaum.com

Artist Statement

My work is multi-dimensional, involving many cultural streams of influences. The creative process is layered, first cerebral then composed by colors, and design aesthetics. My art is informed, in a vast array of materials including acrylic, wood, linocut, and photography. The convergence all these materials create an elaborate chaos.

Ancient and contemporary global symbolism, shapes and often pictograms describe the narrative, My work has a graphic quality; it is rich in content and detail using three to four vibrant colors generally on large-scale canvases. I define my work as "Primitive Occidental Art". It is ripe with ambiguity and contradictions. Explorations such as irony and absurdity, dysfunction and taboos explain my paintings and sculptures utilizing figurative elements, with iconic references from a range of civilizations.

I am immersed in the collective consciousness of cultural injustice. My art is infused with personal experiences emanating from my international background and coupled with an affinity for the African and Asian aesthetic.

I’m interested in the sense of inclusion. Essential components in my work are my passion for people combined with the drive to generate art that energizes cross-cultural awareness and engagement that stimulate the cultural diversity dialogue.

At the heart of my art is a desire to tell stories that speak to the individual and collective consciousness of cultural identities. I would like my work to bring voice to humanity, to the increasing interconnectedness among different populations and cultures.

Educational Background

Ecole Fleuri Delaporte, Fashion School, Paris