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Artist Statement

As a teaching artist, I always seek to create a lively exchange of ideas among many different communities.  As an artist, I also embrace my role to introduce new modes of thinking and doing and serving creative people.  I always focus on collaboration and group learning through active, participatory experiences utilizing music and visual art.  As an artist, I am interested in where art will go and can go in this particular cultural moment.  I am a firm believer that open resources make it possible to exchange knowledge and information with lightning speed.  I would consider myself an adventurous practitioner who loves to explore art through mindful and creative experiments.  The goal of my artistic expression and workshops are to make sure people of all backgrounds gain access to exciting ideas and new practices.

Highly Intelligent People Healing Our Planet video excerpts here.

Educational Background

  • Community-Word Project (2017) Teaching Artist Training and Internship Program (TATIP), Advanced Teaching Artist (1 year). Collaborate with classroom teachers to ensure the needs of each class are met.  Incorporate creative activities into the curriculum that help students and educators meet city- and state-mandated literacy learning and arts standards.  Integrate their creative elements to develop engaging exercises as part of a long-term vision for the residency. Here is my TATIP Anthology.
  • Mindful Schools (2017)  Mindful Educators Online Course (64 hours of training). Learned how to integrate mindfulness into my work with youth using K-12 Mindful Schools Curriculum used by thousands of educators, mental health professionals, social workers, and parents in 50 states and over 100 countries, adaptable for classrooms, after-school programs, clinical settings, and home.  Learned how to use developmentally appropriate language for explaining essential mindfulness concepts and practices to youth.  Use mindfulness to achieve job satisfaction, connect with youth, assist in delivering school curriculum, and improve student behavior (attention, self-regulation, engagement, compassion).
  • HeartMath (2017) Certified Trainer Program.  Trained to deliver the research-based HeartMath Resilience Advantage program as an entire full-day workshop or in segments.  Resilience Advantage includes HeartMath’s research and evidence-based self-regulation techniques and technologies to reduce symptoms of stress and promote sustained resilience.  Workshop participants take home practical tools and important techniques they can practice anytime and anywhere.  They report benefits such as increased vitality and resilience; increased situational awareness in relationships, meetings, and projects; enhanced ability to focus, process information and solve problems; heightened creativity and innovation; greater access to intuition for fast, efficient decision-making on complex issues; increased regenerative sleep; reduced stress, worry, and fatigue; improved health, balance, performance and safety.

Teaching Artist Experience

Lord Judah has over 10 years of K-12, mental health, and adult age experience through music.  Lord Judah has done hands-on training for years in the music industry and with organizations such as Wingspan Arts, Music Conservatory of Westchester, Club Excel of the White Plains Youth Bureau, African American Men of Westchester, The Westchester Martin Luther King Jr. Institute for Nonviolence, Mount Vernon School District, Woodlands High School WISE program in Greenburgh, Youth Shelter Program of Westchester in Mt.Vernon, Yonkers School District, and Judah Bless Ent, his arts entertainment and publishing company. There are currently two commercial releases from Judah Bless Publishing, "Accountability" and "True He(ART)."  Judah teaches a hip hop workshop that focuses on the 9 elements of hip hop, and all are well-informed about its history by the end of the workshop.  Since 2015, Lord Judah has developed residencies based on career pathways in the fields of audio and video production, and digital technology.  Lord Judah will be establishing "True He(ART)" Academy, an adult-focused initiative based on healing through art practices and strategies, combined with social justice and wellness for teachers, community members, and artists.