Ann Ladd

Teaching Artist Experience

Ann helps children visualize their curriculum by painting classroom subjects including science (plant, animal and human biology, the solar system, nutrition), social studies (geography, history) into murals that can enhance the walls of the school for all to see.  Ann's Portfolio Ann teaches drawing, painting and recycled/found object art at the Rye Arts Center, as well as instructing mural painting residencies throughout Westchester (Mt. Kisco, Mt. Vernon, White Plains, Yonkers, Port Chester and Tuckahoe). Recent teaching experiences: 2017, Rebecca Turner Elementary School, Mt. Vernon, Grades 4, 5; murals of plants, animals and their habitats 2014, 2016, Williams Elementary School, Mt. Vernon, Grade 5; models of planets using paper mache, murals of the solar system and landforms, waterways and climate regions of North America. 2015, Foxfire School and Thomas Cornell Academy, Yonkers, Grade 2; collaged mural showing the life cycles of plants, animals and humans 2013, Prime Time Head Start program, White Plains; Ann helped students to painted and collage large animals that are now on permanent display throughout the school. 2012-2013, Ann worked with the students at Portchester High School for 2 semesters to transform an all-white cafeteria int a colorful, enjoyable setting for the entire student body. 2012,  Ann ran a evening workshop helping teachers create sculptures from recycled objects. Yonkers High School System  - Ann worked on The Green Wall Mural Project, an environmentally-focused project with students and teachers from 5 high schools in Yonkers, involving approximately 50 students and 9 teachers.  Contact: Mr. Louis Perlman.