Marsha on the Move: June

A collection of movie reviews and opinions from Marsha Gordon:


To Kill A Mockingbird

This play has outstanding acting. Unfortunately, it’s a story which has not become as dated as it should be by now.  Jeff Daniels is amazing. This is a great Broadway theatre.


Missing Link

For all you sophisticated moviegoers, it’s time to release your inner child. Go ahead, indulge yourself! If you don’t have a child or grandchild to take (our Mollie is only nine months so she is not quite ready yet), a children’s movie will still assuage your worries and delight your imagination and senses. And if you have not seen the gorgeous animation techniques today, they are extraordinary. Add to this a meaningful story of man’s evolution (both genetically and morally) and it’s a winner. All in, Missing Link is a lot of fun. plus 1/2



This is a surprising little treasure of a movie with a different view of escape from occupied France. It illustrates the intimate coming together of people for moments (or more) during desperate times, their lives transformed, their hopes held and also lost, the desperate attempt to depart before inevitable destruction. Multiple surprises and twists during this film make it an edge-of-your seat view.​



I just love romantic comedies and this one with the gorgeous Charlene Theron and hysterical Seth Rogen was a real LOL experience for Eli, me and the entire audience. It has improbable and heartwarming love, sex and friendship, with just the right dose of political intrigue plus good vs bad thrown in. It is perfect fare for a Friday night flick! Have fun, I know you’ll enjoy as much as we did.


Wild Rose

There is so much to feel about this wonderful and multidimensional film.  Certainly for those who love country music the singing is soulful and gorgeous, and shows that the “country” in country can be many places. For those who feel torn between a sometimes harsh reality of real life and the goal of living your dream, Wild Rose will certainly touch you emotionally. For mothers who have struggles with daughters, want them to be all they can be on every level, and yet also search for personal meaning amidst life’s disappointments, there is a tug on the heartstrings. And for “grannies “ whose love for grandchildren overrides so much… not much more to say here.  The best part is that there is triumph in this film and rewards and hope. So, whatever level this movie strikes your heart and it will), you will leave with a wonderful (country) song in it.

Thank you, Stacey R. Cohen, for the opportunity to attend Preview Night at the fantastic Jacob Burns Film Center. Opens June 21

Dr. Marsha Gordon is President/CEO of The Business Council of Westchester.  When she is not advocating for business, building the economy or creating job opportunities, you can find her at the movie theatre enjoying many different film genres.  Most of the time, her husband Eli is with her… except if it is football season or if it is a very slow, sappy movie.

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When Business Council of Westchester President Marsha Gordon is not advocating for businesses in the County, she can be found at the cinema or theater. Her “Marsha on the Move” column appears monthly in ArtsNews.

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