Marsha on the Move: April

Captain Marvel

Eli Gordon was so very helpful this week that I decided to put my good wife hat on and go to see Captain Marvel.  Now I am admittedly not an expert in superhero movies, though I do seem to always enjoy them, but this one was not only very entertaining but lol funny, intriguing special effects, a message of good vs  evil and a great example of female empowerment with a superhero wonderfully played by Brie Larson who embraces her power and clearly derives joy from it. And also shows that her emotions can still be there despite being told otherwise! Loved the Stan Lee tribute and the warm audience applause.  Also great to see so many families together with not a cell phone on insight.  The movies still have the magic.  Go and enjoy!


Mary Rose

Congratulations to Vincent Morrone for writing, directing and producing the film Mary Rose, which uses black-and-white film noir technique, and delivers artistically stunning cinematography, expressive and haunting acting, and a musical background which defines the film to create a feeling rather than certainty of plot. The fact that the ending begs answers is part of the experience. Great to see a talented young filmmaker in action and this new art being showcased in Yonkers at YoFi Movie Festival. Eli Gordon and I enjoyed a lot! 

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Fiddler on the Roof

I had one of the most incredible and emotional theatrical experiences seeing Fiddler in Yiddish. Even if you grew up in a semi-Yiddish speaking household as I did, don’t worry! There are subtitles. Even if there weren’t, many of us could recite Fiddler from beginning to end on our own! My initial response is that Fiddler is, indeed, timeless and, in fact, as shown in this latest production, especially relevant today.

The performances are outstanding, the singing gorgeous (with one extra song never heard), and the dancing stunning. All of it is enjoyed in an intimate small theatre, which heightens the experience.

But most of all, listening to the show in its original tongue, in the Yiddish which tugs at the heartstrings in a play which couldn’t do so more, wrapped me in sorrow, pleasure, memories, warmth, humor and love … all together in an evening of great beauty.  Thank you, Joel Grey, for bringing this gift to New York City.


The Hummingbird Project

Sixteen milliseconds. The beat of a hummingbird wing … or living a lifetime? A philosophical question emerging from a movie with an intriguing plot mixing technology, competition, revenge, greed and complex business strategic drive. The interesting plot leads to results that I’m not going to give away here but is worthwhile to watch to see what those are.

Dr. Marsha Gordon is President/CEO of The Business Council of Westchester.  When she is not advocating for business, building the economy or creating job opportunities, you can find her at the movie theatre enjoying many different film genres.  Most of the time, her husband Eli is with her… except if it is football season or if it is a very slow, sappy movie.

About Marsha Gordon

When Business Council of Westchester President Marsha Gordon is not advocating for businesses in the County, she can be found at the cinema or theater. Her “Marsha on the Move” column appears monthly in ArtsNews.

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