James Fair

category: Visual,

Contact & Info

  • vze23cff@verizon.net

Artist Statement

My photography style is Computer Enhanced/Evolved Photography. An art form in which photography artists use the computer as a tool to evolve their work into a new and unique work of art with the use of: •        digital photos, scanned photos •        photo editing software CEP also pays homage to the artists by defining the computer as a tool used for the transformation the art undergoes, as the artist creates and manipulates images within a graphics program. Also called post-production photography. It pretty much means that the original photo image was altered in some way in a computer program (Photoshop, OnOne Perfect Photo Suite, Lightroom, etc.) to produce an image that has been enhanced and evolved into another vision.

Educational Background


Bachelor of Fine Arts, Howard University, Washington, DC

Post Graduate, Master’s In Publishing

Pace University, New York, NY