Vinnie Bagwell

category: Visual,

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Phone: 914-965-0231


Artist Statement

My work is conceived to awaken thinking about our history, to provoke critical thinking, and to spark the imagination. Anchored in realism, my style is defined by portraiture–captured in bronze–which provides insight into human character and shows a precise articulation of the human spirit. My subjects are meant to be engaged to invite memories of experiences and feelings. Three-dimensional, life-like sculpture is enhanced with a montage of rich details in low, bas-relief-sculpture techniques, text, and braille to add visual intrigue, tell a story, and give a sense of place. Bas-relief sculptures are designed as wall hangings. Each character is designed to remind viewers that artistry is a powerful, useful tool of social transformation; one capable of condensing our thoughts, distilling our minds, and renewing our hopes and aspirations.

Educational Background