Timothy Duch

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  • tim@duchdesigns.com

Artist Statement

Reflections on Art Art wakes us up by concentrating the act of viewing. What is experienced when looking at art is the sum of what we bring, our individual responses, to the viewing. Picture a model of the human brain where, as we examine the art, different regions of the cerebral cortex light up.  For this reason, I considered calling this work “Some Assembly Required”, except for the tedium that activity suggests. My aim is to stimulate connections, focusing on that porous membrane that both joins and separates what is known from what is new. When thoughts leap across the analytical and intuitive divide, new understandings and insights into our experience and even problem solving can take place. In addition, it is good for your brain. For that reason, improvisation is very important to my working process, analogous to jazz, both as performance and for its fluid dynamic. My own history of making art has been peripatetic, moving from style to style as my skill and inquiry developed.  The historical example of artists, from Picasso to Gerhard Richter in particular, claiming the freedom to invent and explore was what drew me to art long ago and continues to provide inspiration for my own efforts. By revisiting a series of representational paintings I had created in the mid 1980’s, I renewed an investigation of abstraction and what abstract forms can suggest within a framework of still life and landscape painting. Tim Duch 1/29/2014

Educational Background

TIM DUCH 61 Briary Road   Dobbs Ferry, NY   10522 (914) 693–8003 [email protected] Education 1974 - 76            • BFA Fairleigh Dickinson University 1970 – 73            • University of Toronto