shobha vanchiswar

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Artist Statement

Nature is the muse for all my creative efforts. Everything about this big, beautiful earth fascinates me. There is magic everywhere and every day is a miracle. How, what and why things are the way they are intrigues me. Simply put, I study life.

My paintings, writings and gardens are the convergence of both my artistic sensibilities and my scientific thinking. Beyond the visual, there is always a narrative in my work. Something to enjoy, something to learn and something to think about. In interpreting their own version of the narrative, the viewer/reader discovers a little more about her/himself. I try to expose the universality of the human condition. What is dear, interesting or important to me is in all probability dear, interesting and important to others.

My botanical works are not scientific illustrations. Instead, they are botanical 'portraits' and represent but one member of a specific family. They are intended to give the viewer some insight and pique their curiosity. Only constant interaction with the actual plant itself will lead to real understanding and true appreciation.

Educational Background

With advanced degrees in molecular biology, Shobha Vanchiswar is an award-winning artist, poet and author, photographer, garden columnist and prize-winning garden designer. Her art has been exhibited at various locations in Westchester County, NY and in New York City. Several of her works are in private collections around the world.

Shobha was Teatown Reservation’s 2016 and 2017 Wildflower Artist and Poet.

Her book of photographs and poems ‘The Lucky Ones’ raised $10,000 for children with HIV/AIDS. President Bill Clinton signed 300 copies and had them sold at his presidential museum in Arkansas.

Her garden has been opened to the public through the Garden Conservancy’s Open Day Program for the last 10 years.

She is a member of the New York Art Students League and the Northern Westchester Artists Guild. Selected botanical art work is available in giclee prints, note cards and fabric designs. She also accepts commissions.