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Artist Statement

You might think that being the daughter of 2 jazz pianists (most notably her father, Mal Waldron) and growing up completely immersed in jazz music and its culture might have made it a foregone conclusion that the youngster would choose a career in music. But Mala remembers a time when she seriously considered a totally different life path.  Instead of becoming a musician like her parents, she was thinking about working with deaf children as a teacher.  However, in an interesting turn of events, she was asked to join a local R&B band and - within a year - the band was signed to RCA records.  And that officially marked the beginning of her career as a professional musician ==  she was only 15!   Mala went on to study jazz piano, voice and composition at SUNY College of Old Westbury, earning a Bachelor of Arts degree.  She has since recorded several CDs as a featured artist.  She has performed all over the world in such places as France, Belgium, Italy, China and Malaysia.  In 2009, Mala participated in the WBGO Jazz Kids Series.  She especially enjoys sharing her great love of songwriting in workshops, and counseling other independent artists about new ways of marketing and promoting their music via the Internet.

Educational Background

B.A., SUNY @ Old Westbury - Makanda Ken McIntyre, Founder & Chairman