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Recently Rich and his son wrote a book called "The Artist: Born to Create." Besides exploring the source and purpose of creativity, the book will include two complete compositions: a screenplay, "Set the Captives Free," written last year while Rich worked at SingSing, training prisoners to be teachers; a musical, "The Garden of Voluptuous Pleasure," written three years ago about their experiences with the artist community of Peekskill.  For the past thirty years, Rich has been producing literary works, mostly of a spiritual nature. For the past seven years, he and his son, who has advance degrees in both metaphysics and social work, have been rewriting, editing and polishing their works, getting each of them ready for publishing with The plan is to put out a book each month or two, beginning in October, 2008. They are listed below in publishing order:   The Social Worker with a Sword (non-fiction that addresses loving our neighbor) Messiah Proposes (first of a non-fiction series on covenant) Pilgrimage to Paradise (first of a memoir series on a disciple's journey to The Promised Land) The Artist: Born to Create (see above) The Becoming Bride (second in the series on covenant) Pilgrimage to Paradise (book two of an eight-book series that fleshes out and dramatizes the trip) The Jewish Bible: A Bride's-Eye View (six-hundred page poem from Genesis to Chronicles) Lovesongs of the Bridegroom and the Bride (collection of poetry on the love affair of all ages)

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