Richard Cirulli

category: Literary,

Contact & Info

Phone: 845.381.2872


Artist Statement

As a playwright, my goal is to use the stage as a venue to teach people  about the family of behavioral disorders so prevalent in our society today, in the hope of bringing  about awareness and to help remove the taboos associated with these illness's. The stage allows us to look upon  the impact of these disorders on families, relationships, and our intercourse with society, with out having to personalize it.

Educational Background

The playwright is a White Plains resident, recently retired as a professor and former corporate executive now living an artist’s life. The author holds two PH.D’s, a number of masters’ degrees and undergraduate degrees in various fields ranging from  engineering, business, social sciences,  management, and theology.  The author a former professional student, is now enjoying life as a bit of a Renaissance man;   working as a playwright,  writer, columnist, photographer, poet, artist, actor, guitarist, songwriter, and producer.  He is also the past Executive Director of the Barrett Art Center, Poughkeepsie, NY.  Please refer to my web site