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Artist Statement

As an artist, I attempt to dispel the myth that creation belongs solely to artists.  My main objective is to get all people to explore their creativity and appreciate the varied talents that exist within each community.  It is my belief that the strength and essence of any community is contained in their youth.  My work within communities has always focused on youth.  Through the use of art, I am able to instill in them values such as self-esteem, respect, pride and dignity-- foundations vital to the growth and well being of the individual.  My aesthetic principals are based on rituals and craftsmanship.  I believe that the very act of creating empowers the works with meaning and life.  Dedication to the work results in a deep and profound experience between the artist and his or her creation.  My work is part of a healing ritual that brings me in touch with my present situation and myself.  As an artist, my life has been significantly marked by authentic contact with diverse cultures, and a vast range of artistic and academic experiences.  My work is a reflection of those experiences and a personal need to maintain my cultural roots.

Educational Background

Bachelor of Fine Arts, State University of New York, College at Purchase, NY, 1987. Masters of Fine Arts, Maryland Institute College of Art, MD, 1997.