Lea Weinberg

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Contact & Info

Website: http://www.leaw-sculptor.com

Phone: 914.826.7954

  • leaweinberg@gmail.com

Artist Statement

Lea Weinberg, an Israeli born artist who lives in New York. Has shown intensively in the United States and Israel in Galleries, Museums, Solo /group exhibitions and received numerous awards. Her artworks can be found in private collections; her relief “Blues” is part of the permanent collection of Hammond Museum, North Salem, NY. Lea creates semi abstract sculpture in wire mesh, mixed media and bronze.                                                    Her sculptures and reliefs use the human form to express the emotional interaction between individuals “In life a single glimpse is never enough… I start each sculpture with one female figure which evolves intuitively into additional images, portraying Togetherness.                                                                             Through my work I explore dichotomy in materials,shapes and essence. While the bronzes’ entangled structures are solid and multifaceted, the semi transparency of the ethereal wire mesh allows the viewer to see into and beyond the flowing forms. Cell: 914.826.7954 email: [email protected] website: www.leaw-sculptor.com

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