Kelly Schwark

category: Literary, Visual, Visual-Illustration,

Contact & Info

Artist Statement

I am not my resume. I am not a school, nor a region of the country; I am not awards given to my work by others. I am not bound to a title, except for the ones that I have chosen for myself: Artist, Writer, and most importantly, Mom. I am an observer of nature, a student of life, a teacher of Faith, and a caring individual. I am understanding, forgiving, kind (hopefully); I am just a person that wants to share my vision of the love that surrounds each of us. In the mundane things, to moments that seem larger than life- love is there. Whether in my writing, art, or photography, I choose my messages to be of love. That is who I am. The rest just falls to labeling, and I am more than that. The world is full of chatter.  Sometimes it circles around the goodness that occurs every day, but often, the loudest, most attention-grabbing chatter is focused on the negative, the aggressive, or the messages that keep people down.  Let’s change that, shall we? My mission:
  • to lift people up;
  • to encourage connectivity within our community and beyond;
  • and to share positive messages through my photography, art, and written words to offer a place of faith, hope, and love.
You can find me online on my website, as well as on social media.

Educational Background

I have studied art at the following institutions: School of Visual Arts, Moore College of Art and Design, and Westchester Community College. However, I am a constant study of texture, color, lines, and movement.