Kaya Nicole

category: Jazz, Music, Music-Pop, Voice,

Contact & Info

Website: http://www.kayanicolemusic.com

Phone: 646 9863374

  • kayanicolebookings@gmail.com
  • https://www.facebook.com/kayanicolemusic
  • https://www.youtube.com/kayanicole

Artist Statement

Vocalist, activist and poet, Kaya Nicole, is a protest artist from Westchester County, New York.  Influenced by her proximity to Latin Jazz and Hip Hop in the city that never sleeps, Kaya is a lover of a groove with a rhythmic vocal style and a playful, romantic tone.  In her formative years, she studied classical piano as well as bossa guitar.  She started out with a performing arts education in Opera and Gospel music, which brought her to stages from Jazzfest and Champion’s Square, to Lincoln Center and the Vatican.  After five years developing a street education in New Orleans, she is now taking the time to integrate new language into composition for her debut album, bringing it home to the pulse she knows and the intimacy of nylon strings.

Educational Background

Bachelor of Arts from the University of Virginia in Political Theory.  High School Diploma from New Rochelle High School.