Julienne Ryan

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Artist Statement

I am Julienne Ryan with J. Ryan Partners - Be engaged at work, a story teller and story connector.  I help people tell and share their best stories so they can improve how they communicate, learn and work together. As the Chief Story Collector and Smile Instigator, I utilize my skills as a humorist, workshop facilitator, skilled interviewer and coach to provide presentations, workshops and motivational writings designed to achieve the client's goals. I differentiate myself by using serious and humorous writings, and comic delivery in story and poetry form as learning and engagement tools.  My goal is to help people find their “voice” and appreciate the "hero" within themselves through improved communication.  “Humor helps.  Share a story that brings laughter; people will stay to listen and learn. Tell a true personal story and create an opportunity for insightful, authentic engagement.  Tell it well and you will be remembered.” ~JBR

Educational Background

My professional experience has included teaching, recruitment, employee development, career transition and training.  In every instance, I have used the creative arts to engage my clients.  Working with schools, non-profits, small businesses and academic institutions such as Avon, American Express, Right Management and Con Edison, I have supported change at every level from individual to team to organization-wide.  I hold a Master’s degree in Organizational Psychology and Leadership from Teachers College, Columbia University and a dual B.A. in Psychology/Urban Studies from Manhattan College.  I am also a mentor and volunteer at iMentor.org, the Taproot Foundation, Baruch College's EOC mentoring program and INROADS.  I have studied poetry, improvisation, dance, storytelling, acting and training and have performed stand-up comedy, given storytelling workshops and presented at poetry sessions.

Teaching Artist Experience

To me, teaching is all about performing and engaging your audience.  My goal as a teacher/trainer is to provide a learning experience that will provide participants with an opportunity to appreciate their skills, value, and potential. I accomplish this by engaging participants in an active questioning/listening process to facilitate inter-participant communication and learning.  Whether my audience is composed of students or corporate citizens in training session or young adults working on their degrees or people in transition, they all have one thing in common, they are there to learn something new in a new, fun and compelling way.  I have presented my story-focused workshops to up-and-coming leaders in the community, young adults and professionals in transition, using tools to address change and personal development challenges.  In every instance, amazing things have happened when participants come together to share their stories.  As a new member of ArtsWestchester, I have recently had the pleasure of serving as a panelist for the Scholastic Poetry Contest at Writetopia, reviewing students' poetry and prose submissions.  I am also a blogger and contribute to the Unicorn, She Writes and other sites.