David Licata

category: Visual,

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Artist Statement

I am interested in connections and the human desire to form these bonds.  For the past twelve years, I have focused on working with glass to create wearable, sculptural and installation-based projects.  Using traditional metalsmithing techniques while working with glass allows for diverse discussions to be created about strength, vanity and protection.  My various bodies of work play with human desires of visual attraction, touch, and possession.  Traditionally, chainmaille was used for protection by knights in battle but today it is mostly worn as jewelry.  This work questions the idea of protection and finds beauty in the fragile forms.  All of these works are created using torchworked borosilicate glass and various chainmaille techniques.  Experimenting with shapes, size and complex patterns allows for a diverse range of effects in light and shadow.  This body of work is inspired by winter hikes throughout the Hudson Valley.  Frozen waterfalls and the solitude of the ice and snow inspire these pieces frozen in time.

Educational Background

MFA in Metalsmithing and BFA in Sculpture, Cranbrook Academy of Art; BS in Art Education, SUNY, New Paltz; graduated from White Plains High School

Teaching Artist Experience

Current: sculpture, ceramics, and studio art instructor at Scarsdale High School. Past: ceramics teacher at Fox Lane High School, Bedford, NY; art teacher at Harvey Cavalier Camp; workshop instructor at Peters Valley School of Craft, Penland School of Crafts, Banana Factory, Brookfield Craft Center, and Silvermine Arts Center.