Cristina Ortiz

category: Folk/Traditional, Music, Visual,

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Artist Statement

Cristina create works on paper, photography and original music that explore existential issues surrounding human physicality.

Her work addresses the following topics:

  • Contrived vs. natural human existence
  • Contemporary and historic perspective of the human form 
  • Collective conscious evolution
  • Navigating life as a spiritual being existing in a human body

Visual subject matter includes:

  • The human figure
  • Flora and fauna
  • Invisible energies of light, Prana, Qi
  • Symbology

Original music themes include:

  • Sanskrit mantras
  • Stories of real-life magical occurences
  • Intuitively channeled lyrics

Cristina channels her work into the visual plane through the media of pencil, home-made pigment made with incense ash, home-burned plant material and charcoal, water colors, colored pencil and occasional ink and markers.

Musically, she is creating original works on piano, voice, guitar and drums.

She is inspired as equally by great masters in the fields of arts and energy-work as her contemporary peers.

 Cristina aims to positively impact the state of mother earth and humanity through the expression of her gifts and therefore makes it a key priority to be mindful of how the process and product of her artistic practice affects the environment and therefore the body both short term and long term. She strives to make her work as eco-friendly, low impact and nontoxic as possible, within the parameters of accessible resources, by using recycled fiber papers, and responsibly sourced/ manufactured materials and is constantly offsetting her carbon footprint with a daily eco-conscious lifeway. 


Educational Background

Attended State University of New York at New Paltz for Undergraduate work in Visual Arts and Foreign Languages and Manhattanville College for Graduate work in Childhood Education.

Holds a Masters Degree in the Art of Teaching and Yoga Alliance approved certification in General Yoga and Children’s Yoga.