Barbara Shapiro

category: Visual,

Contact & Info


Phone: 914 260-1985


Artist Statement

Color and Shape: a Word about How I Work I am a Printmaker. I left the world of figurative painting and found myself in the world of vibrating colors and shapes. I hadn't felt these things so intensely until I began printmaking. How harmonious or jarring colors can be; how they promote or tamp down what surrounds them; how their weight influences the shapes I create. I use sequential printing method. Each successive printing alters the character of the print with often-unexpected results. When the print is finally released from the press there is a thrill of revelation. This excitment and discovery is what propels me forward.

Educational Background

I have taken classes at the Center for Contemporary Printmaking and the Silvermine School of Art in Connecticut and the Westchester Center for the Arts in New York. I have a BA from the University of Miami and a Masters from George Washington University.