Tim W. Brown

category: Literary,

Contact & Info

Website: http://www.timwbrown.com

Phone: 914-844-0452

  • audrelv@optonline.net

Artist Statement

My writing reflects my widely varied intellectual and personal interests. I have always thought in big-picture terms, and early in life I realized that one must approach complex modern reality from multiple perspectives. My university major, American studies, encouraged multidisciplinary thinking and taught me to interpret my culture in light of literature, history, politics, art and anthropology. My writing reflects these subjects and comprises a collage of popular culture, historical events, cultural criticism, urban folklore and oddball trivia. My protagonists tend to be working class in outlook, which reflects my own family background. Lastly, the comic mood informs my writing. I share the moral outrage and lively humor common to all comedic writers, from Aristophanes to Thomas Pynchon, and I create stories that satirize modern institutions.

Educational Background

BA-American Studies, Northern Illinois University, De Kalb, Illinois