Adina Andrus

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Artist Statement

I see my work is as a documentation of human experiences by integrating ordinary, day-to-day objects and materials with signs and symbols that have shaped our visual culture and have become part of our collective identity. Using quasi-archaeological means, I find commonalities across history and geographical areas, triggering a semiotic recognition on a personal level, while also submitting them to an imaginative and creative reinterpretation.


I use mixed media in various forms for its capacity to reach beyond the visual, to a more tactile process and overall experience. I invite the viewer to come closer and observe the ridges, cracks, strings, textures and pigment, like maps that hint at layers of meaning. Much of my process involves reclaiming discarded objects, as well as destroying and reconstituting new ones and the materials blend industrial, contemporary ones (concrete, plastic, ephemera) with wood, rocks and pigments evoking primitive means of artistic expression.  

Educational Background

Adina Andrus (b. 1980 Bucharest, Romania, currently based in New York) works across various media, creating drawings, 2D mixed media pieces, sculptures and installations that confront questions of memory, belonging, visual culture across time and space and its symbols. Her works allude to a shared pool of images that we inherit, consume and are being guided by, while simultaneously interpreting and contributing new meanings to it. 
Andrus studied art at the School of the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston and the Art Students League in New York City. She has been exhibiting in numerous galleries across the United States, most recently at the St. Louis Artists Guild, El Barrio's Artspace in NY, Woodstock Byrdcliffe Guild and the Delaware Contemporary, as well as internationally, with a recent solo show in Bucharest, Romania.