Yellow Studio Presents Its Inaugural Member Art Show Showcasing the Diverse Talents of 21 Artist Members

Cross River, New York— Yellow Studio is thrilled to unveil its inaugural Member Art Show, a captivating exhibition that showcases the remarkable talents of 21 Yellow Studio Artist Members. This event is a visual feast for art enthusiasts and collectors alike on Saturday, June 22, 2023, from 11am to 4pm. Prepare to be inspired by a diverse array of mediums, including paintings, photographs, sculptures, and printmaking.


The Member Art Show is a testament to the incredible artistic achievements of our members, with a carefully curated selection of their most cherished and impactful works. This exhibition offers a rare chance for visitors to immerse themselves in the vibrant creative community nurtured by Yellow Studio while discovering and supporting local artists. Don’t miss the opportunity to view and acquire exceptional pieces from talented Yellow Studio Member Artists.



Jahyun Bae, Giulia Cancro, Tricia Caracappa, Jennie Carr, Elena Eagleton, Sarah Ehrlich, Mary Ellis, Molly Felde, Monique Ford, Katie Goldberg, Cameron Goodyear, Suzie Jellinek, Amy Kupferberg, Giselle Landers, Alissa Leigh, Phoebe Polk, Sophie Mohin Reisz, Rebecca Rivard, Julie Rosenberg, Angela Strassheim, and Doryn Wallach.



Yellow Studio’s gallery features women artists who inspire. We aim to increase the visibility of local and nearby women artists and their work. Yellow Studio centers on community-building amongst women through the exchange of ideas, the display of art, and the opportunity for creative expression and learning. We hope you’ll join us.


Member Art Show

Saturday, June 22, 2024, 11am – 4pm

Artwork will remain on view throughout the week until June 28, 2023, allowing visitors ample time to explore the exhibition and make purchases. Work by Tricia Caracappa, Giselle Landers, Alissa Leigh and Doryn Wallach will also be on view at Our North located at 43 Katonah Avenue in Katonah for the Katonah Art Walk on Saturday June 22, 2024.