Changing Lives for the Disabled with Music

David Meyers always had a knack for creating easy to play songs.  Though it wasn’t until he began teaching music to a boy with Autism that he realized his artisitic creativity could be used to enhance the lives of those with disabilities. Now his story is published in the 2020 edit of

         “88 More Ways Music Can Change Your Life”.

Since 2017, David’s RockonMusicSchool has conducted thousands of  one-on-one music lessons to children and young adults across a wide range abilities and impairments. “My best tools are my songs which are created specifically to build confidence and motivate a musical response”. For example, his tune “Be MY Friend” can easily be played with only three strings of the guitar and invites you to sing “Yeah!”.

The publication of “88 More Ways Music Can Change Your Life” is a collection of inspirational stories on how exposure to music created positive changes in the lives of its authors and those around them. Compiled by Vincent James and Joann Pierdomenico, its contributors are musicians and teachers from around the world including well-known artists like Katy Perry and Todd Rundgren. In the book, David recounts how he tailored the music experience toward four students and how he used music to help overcome their physical restrictions and social liabilities. The book can be purchased on Amazon with 80% of its proceeds committed to musical charities.

To find out more about David’s music and Music Lessons for Special Needs individuals,  check the  web on  or simply give him a call 914 489 0520.

About RockonMusicSchool

Founded by David Meyers in 2017, RockonMusicSchool has dedicated its songs and resources to teach music participation to those impacted by Autism or other disabilities. Using his strategies for “Accessible Music” David tailors music sessions to motivate each individual. Play and instrument, sing, laugh and connect with him on RockonMusicSchool.