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The Wonders of Rapa Nui (Easter Island) & Patagonia
with Wildlife & Nature Photographer Karen Ann Sullivan
Please join us for a Travel & Taste slide-show and dinner adventure to two locations:

Rapa Nui and Patagonia.  Both locations are heavily steeped in folklore, with Rapa Nui having its own unique unsolved mystery.

Photographer Karen Ann Sullivan will bring you on a visual adventure filled with images and information about these unique destinations.

On Rapa Nui we will share a tour of many Moai sites and learn about their origin, who created them, and the part they played within the Rapa Nui culture. Other ruins found on the island will give us additional information about the dwelling used by past island inhabitants. “How did the Moai get to their final stone pedestal sites (known as an ahu)?” This may be one of the most asked questions about this remote, beautiful island, and it is a question that many have attempted to answer through the years. Another pressing question is “What happened to the Rapa Nui society, and why did it degrade the way it did?” We will discuss these questions and the conclusions that adventurers and historians alike have put forth.

In Patagonia we will encounter some of the most unique residents of this windswept land in the Andean Condor, guanacos, Puma, and Magellanic and King Penguins. Patagonia’s unparalleled landscape includes the Andes Mountains, glaciers (and stunningly blue glacial lakes), stark steppes, and amazing Marble Caves.

Karen Ann Sullivan’s photography Exhibit The Wonders of Rapa Nui (Easter Island) & Patagonia

will be on display from January 31st until February 27th of 2016.


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