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Performance Art on the Farm

Marcy B. Freedman, Curator of Performance Art on the Farm, is seeking proposals for performances to be presented at Saunders’ Farm in Garrison, NY on  Saturday, September 1, 2018 between 2 and 4pm. (Rain dates:  Sunday, September 2 or Monday, September 3)

To receive the details, please contact Marcy at [email protected] or call her at 914 271 5891.


Deadline 6/1/2018
Contact Name Marcy B. Freedman
Contact Email [email protected]
Website https://www.collaborativeconcepts.org/

Public Art Project: Garden Sculpture

Artist Opportunity

 The Ward Acres Community Garden, in collaboration with the New Rochelle Council on the Arts and the City of New Rochelle Parks & Recreation Dept., is seeking proposals from artists to create a sculpture or 3-D public art work to commemorate the 10th anniversary of the community garden. Deadline for receipt of materials is June 1, 2018. 

Project budget for this installation is $1,000, and is inclusive of all costs of installation/de-installation, permits, site restoration, and transportation. The selected artist will receive a $1,000 stipend in addition to the project budget. Submissions will be accepted starting April 17th, 2018 and ending on June 1,st  2018.  Work in any medium will be considered with preference for aluminum or tin (traditional 10th anniversary materials) and the medium must be weather resistant and designed to last in a permanent outdoor site. Artists will be asked to develop a line itemized budget as part of proposal submission.  

Background The mission of the Ward Acres Community Garden is to help build community, follow organic and ecologically sustainable principles, share knowledge and help feed the hungry. Nestled in a meadow of Ward Acres in suburban New Rochelle, WACG is an organic garden committed to “Building Community from the Ground Up”. Founded in 2009, the 36-plot pilot program now hosts 88 10-by-12-foot plots. In its second year, gardeners raised funds for a water installation, and with a donated shed and community tools, gardeners are now able to easily grow vegetables and flowers on site. WACG requests that all produce grown there be done under organic conditions. When the season gets underway, gardeners at WACG donate produce from their gardens to the soup kitchen at HOPE Community Services in New Rochelle, Westchester County’s largest source of food for the hungry. Plots are distributed on a first come, first served basis at the beginning of the season; two of the plots contain vegetables which are planted and then harvested and donated to H.O.P.E. Community Services Soup Kitchen and another  plot is used by the Ward Elementary School for educational purposes. Several fun events for all ages are held throughout the growing season. The entrance is near the intersection of Quaker Ridge and Broadfield Roads.

 Concept of ArtworkCombining strong visual appeal with a well-thought out concept, the Garden Sculpture will serve as a focal point within the perennial garden at the WACG entrance. The function of this project is to celebrate the success of the community garden, provide the opportunity for dialogue between the artist and visitors to the garden, and to produce an aesthetically exciting work to enliven the setting. The completed work should not exceed 8 feet in height and 3 feet in width.

Project Budget:   The selected artist will be required to sign a contract with The New Rochelle Council on the Arts that defines his/her responsibilities and review process during execution; the selected artist will receive an honorarium of $1,000 for the completed and delivered form, provided execution is consistent with submitted and selected design. An additional $1,000 will be provided for materials.

 Eligibility: RFP is open to all Westchester County artists, designers and students from the age of 16.

Selection Process: A selection panel including representatives of the Ward Acres Garden, NRCA and New Rochelle Parks & Rec will evaluate each artist’s submission and select one artist (or artist team). Selected work will be based on the following criteria:

             · Artistic excellence, innovation, creativity and originality as             demonstrated in submitted materials

· Materials appropriate for out-door installation.

· Appropriateness and relevance of style and theme as relates to a community garden.

The completed sculpture will remain the property the Ward Acres Community Garden.

Important Dates:

· Public announcement of RFP:  April 16, 2018

· Application Deadline: June 1, 2018

· Selection Panel Determination of Winning Designs:  June 15, 2018

· Work to be completed by: October 1, 2018

 Application Procedures:Applicants must submit:

 · A preliminary to-scale rendering of your proposed design.  The proposal should be executed in full color and detail. May be submitted electronically or in hard copy. 

· Renderings must be mounted neatly on poster board, ¼” foam core or other durable presentation material.  Each board should not exceed 11” x 14”; you may use as many 11” x 14” sections as necessary to fully render, to-scale, and show details. 

· A written proposal describing your design and explaining your choice of imagery, symbols, materials, etc. (no more than one page). 

· Include Resume or Biographical Information, plus up to 3 images of prior work.  

Please mail packet with all materials to New Rochelle Council on the Arts, City Hall, 515 North Ave., New Rochelle, NY 10801 or email to [email protected] Please include a self-addressed 12” x 17” stamped envelope (SASE) for the return of your proposal and supporting materials.


PleasenoteREPRODUCTION RIGHTS: As a condition of entry, entrant grants the Ward Acres Community Garden, New Rochelle Council on the Arts and the City of New Rochelle Dept. of Parks & Recreation the right to reproduce accepted designs in materials such as a catalogue, press releases, publications, brochures, leaflets, radio or television announcements, or other printed or electronic media for advertising, education and publicity.

Materials will be returned via standard mail within 30 days of final selections only if a SASE is included in application.  Although special care will be taken in the handling and return of all submissions, the New Rochelle Council on the Arts cannot be responsible for any materials that are lost, stolen, or damaged while in our possession or in transit.


Artists may send his/her questions to [email protected] .  Please include your phone number for a quicker and more detailed response.

Artist bears the entire risk of loss or damage to the work during design, fabrication, packing, shipping, and installation. Artist is responsible for costs associated with travel, anticipated engineering costs, materials, fabrication, shipping, installation, insurance and contingencies. Installation of the work is to be completed no later than DATE. Artist must provide and maintain insurance to cover claims for damages for personal injury, bodily injury (including wrongful death), and property damage. The artist shall require all subcontractors to provide and maintain insurance. 

For maintenance purposes the artist is required to supply a description of anticipated maintenance requirements for the proposed work(s) of art, including but not limited to instructions regarding cleaning of materials, routine maintenance procedures, and methods and instructions for minimizing the effects of weather and other risks of damage. 





Deadline 6/1/2018
Deadline 2 6/15/2018
Deadline 3 10/1/2018
Contact Name Theresa
Contact Email [email protected]
Website http://www.newrochellearts.org

CALL TO ARTISTS: NEW Public Art Exhibition

NEW! Open Call: Proposals for Public Art


for the launch of the newly redesigned Wolf’s Lane Park in Village of Pelham

The Pelham Art Center is seeking proposals for temporary public art, including solo and group exhibitions to be installed within the five-acre Village of Pelham’s newly redesigned Wolf’s Lane Park. This exhibition will launch a newly created sculpture garden as well as introducing the entire park renovation to the public.  We are looking for work that will be sited for three to six months, activates the park, while considering the scale, landscape and overall use of the public space. We strongly encourage site-specific proposals. Proposals will be selected by our Gallery Advisory Committee on the basis of creativity, interactivity, structural integrity and sustainability. The work will be installed across from the Metro North Railroad Pelham Station, at 1st Street and Wolf’s Lane in the Village of Pelham. 

* Creativity/interactivity: Your work should be visually engaging and invite viewers of all ages to enter the park to experience the work further.

 * Structural Integrity: Your work must be able to withstand three months of exposure to New York weather as well as unsupervised interaction from passers-by and visitors to Pelham day and night.

 * Sustainability: Given the temporary nature of the installation, we encourage the submission of work created with found materials, or from materials that can be temporarily appropriated and then reused after the installation.

Receiving and Removal of Work: The artist will be responsible for transporting their work to and from Wolf’s Lane Park.  Pelham Art Center cannot pay for shipping. 

Installation: The artist will be responsible for installing and de-installing their artwork. Pelham Art Center cannot provide assistance for the installation and de-installation of the work.

Stipend: Pelham Art Center offers a $200 stipend to help offset material or transportation costs.

Publicity:  Pelham Art Center will publicize the installation of the work through notices and stories to over 100 local media outlets, our email database of 10,000 as well as on our website (www.pelhamartcenter.org.) As a newly redesigned park spanning through the heart of Pelham, all community partners including the Village of Pelham, will promote this inaugural public art exhibition.  Wolf’s Lane Park is located directly across from the Southbound entrance of the historic Metro North Railroad Pelham station. The park is used frequently by residents, tourists, and commuters alike, and we can assure a constant flow of traffic and many eyes on the work.

Timeline: Applications will be accepted on a rolling basis. Three proposals will be realized per year.


Submission Process:

Email proposals to: [email protected]

1.    Contact information:  name, address, email, phone number


2.    Images:  5-10 digital images of work to be exhibited or similar to what will be shown, labeled as follows, 01LastName_FirstName, 02LastName_FirstName…If the work is in the proposal phase- please submit a detailed proposal with to scale drawings, similar images, photoshopped images, etc. so we completely understand your proposal.

3.    Image List: The numbers on the image list should correspond with the digital images. Include the title, date, medium, dimensions, and a brief description of the work (less than 50 words for each image).

4.    Project Statement: A brief (250-500 words) with a description of the work and how the work relates to one of the criteria listed above.

5.    Resume:  3 page max – Please include your name, address, phone number and email address along with exhibition and educational background.


6.    Artist Statement: 1pg max


5.    Installation Plan 


Is Project Ongoing? yes
Deadline 3/31/2017
Contact Name Kate Amato
Contact Email [email protected]