With Every Fiber

"Mop with Fancy Plumage" by Mary Ann Lomonaco (photo credit: Frank Matheis) "Plants and Animals" by Joy Curtis (photo courtesy of Pelham Art Center) The new group exhibition at the Pelham Art Center, With Every Fiber, is testimony to the infinity of creativity. Fiber art uses textiles such as fabric, yarn, and natural and synthetic ... Read More »

Protecting Your Image From Concert and Gig Videos Online

Many a musician has come across a recording online of one of their live performances, taped either by unauthorized audience members or by agents of the musicians. If the production value is up to minimum professional standards, all is well. If the production value does not match the musical quality, these videos can actually hurt ... Read More »

The Benefits and Perils of Video: Helpful Hints for Acoustic Musicians

Musicians are increasingly self-producing videos of themselves performing, especially during the pandemic lockdown. Some are even offering ‘from-home’ solo performances for donations as a way of making it through this economically perilous time while gigs have dried up. Self-producing is now a primary way the video medium is being used, as most everybody has a phone camera.