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The Collaboration Continues

STUDIO THEATER in EXILE AND HUDSON VALLEY MOCA – the collaboration continues

Studio Theater in Exile and Hudson Valley MOCA continue their Writing the Walls collaboration beginning on both websites (www.studiotheaterinexile.com and www.hudsonvalleymoca.org)

February – March, 2022. Poems and monologues inspired by the art in HV MOCA’s  How We Live I and II exhibit read and recorded by the creators

Writing the Walls began in 2007 as a collaboration between Mara Mills (artistic Director, STIE) and Livia Straus (co-founder of HVMOCA) and, until COVID, included a live Poet’s Walk when writers read their work in front of the art that inspired it. In these years of quarantine, COVID variants, and  erratic openings and closings, Writing the Walls moved on-line. We look forward to a revival of the Poets’ Walk in the hopefully near future, but we are excited to present the words and the art that inspired them on-line.

Writers include: Meagan Nolan, Rachel Berghash, Robert E. Miss, Tootsie Warhol, Catherine Ventura, Jo-Ann Brody, Aliza Erber MariAnn McCarra-Fitzpatrick, Maureen Dillion, Susan Jennifer Polese, Michael Sirkin, Ed Friedman, Alice Feeley, Inez Andrucyk, Maureen Kelly, Loretta Oleck, Donna Barkman, and M.P. Nolan.

While Studio Theater in Exile has presented theater productions in the museum’s Black Box and  exhibition space for many years, their collaboration becomes stronger with STIE’s moving into the Black Box as a permanent space. This will allow for new and exciting collaborations between visual art and theater.

In February-March,  Carla Rae Johnson’s Encore – interactive “coney island sculptures” of four historic women – Fanny Lou Hamer, Virginia Wolfe, Frida Kahlo, and Harriet Tubman comes to STIE in HVMOCA including live performance by Carol Bash, Donna Barkman, Judy Allen, and Leslie Fields-Cruz, monologues written by Mara Mills. The performance will be projected when not live and visitors are encouraged to take selfies as their “become” these historical women as they listen to the monologues that bind the past and present, art and word together.

Hudson Valley MOCA  will re-open early February for two days a week; How We Live, is available to view on their web site.  All Studio Theater productions will follow a hybrid model with live presentation, COVID dependent, video installation of productions, and on-line presentations on both websites.

Starting February, Studio Theater in Exile will be housed at Hudson Valley MOCA. When asked how it felt, Ms. Mills replied, “Like coming home.”

About Studio Theater in Exile

mission: Studio Theater in Exile collaborates with playwrights and performers to create and develop original work. Studio Theater in Exile is a company without a space that collaborates with its environment. It is an outgrowth of the belief that theater takes place anywhere and can be performed anywhere – in the streets, galleries, libraries, museums, black boxes, backyards, and even on a stage. We have been working with performers and playwrights to develop work that can be performed in any venue. Co-founders, Mara Mills and Jeremy Gratt have worked together, since 1991, to present original work, based on the art in an exhibition, a social justice issue, history, or the spark of an idea. Karina Ramsey joined Studio Theater in Exile in 2018.