Westchester County Roundup: Conversation with director-choreographer Carole Alexis

Westchester County Roundup host Bob Johnson spoke with director and choreographer Carole Alexis about Ballet des Amériques, the conservatory and the company, the history of dance, false stereotypes about dance, the political power of dance and her own creation of Boléro to the Music of Maurice Ravel – premiering this weekend, Sunday, June 11, 2pm, … Read More »

French television report featuring Carole Alexis and Ballet des Amériques

On April 16, 2017, the French television station ATV in Martinique aired a report on Carole Alexis and her work as choreographer and director of Ballet des Amériques. Reporter Alwin Courcy had visited Port Chester in early April to prepare this feature: https://youtu.be/VoT__ghwo9g

The Vision Thing: An Evening of Dance in Port Chester

A small suburban troupe on the outskirts of the dance capital has no business being as good as Ballet des Amériques. New York City steals all the thunder, and a big share of the lightning as well. How does a small company outside the city attract such talented dancers?  How does it compete with well-funded … Read More »