French television report featuring Carole Alexis and Ballet des Amériques

On April 16, 2017, the French television station ATV in Martinique aired a report on Carole Alexis and her work as choreographer and director of Ballet des Amériques. Reporter Alwin Courcy had visited Port Chester in early April to prepare this feature:

The Vision Thing: An Evening of Dance in Port Chester

A small suburban troupe on the outskirts of the dance capital has no business being as good as Ballet des Amériques. New York City steals all the thunder, and a big share of the lightning as well. How does a small company outside the city attract such talented dancers?  How does it compete with well-funded … Read More »

Ballet des Amériques named Resident Company of the Tarrytown Music Hall

Following a much-applauded first performance at the historic Music Hall on October 1, the Music Hall’s director Björn Olsson and the director and choreographer of Ballet des Amériques, Carole Alexis, agreed on a permanent cooperation, making Ballet des Amériques the resident dance company of the beautifully restored 1885 theater. This announcement comes in the wake of the dance company’s 5th … Read More »