Maureen Renahan-Krinsley’s Light and Flow and On the Road

Maureen Renahan-Krinsley builds on the associations of memory and experience and has been inspired by travel and impressions of different cultures and landscapes. Her intentions are to convey emotional reactions to a particular place. Our two galleries will highlight two themes. Light and Flow focuses on clarity, arousal and connectedness. Landscapes are utilized as both tangible … Read More »

Clay Art Center presents:Lineage: The Art of Mentorship (Counselor, Coach, Leader, Friend)

  Clay Art Center presents Lineage: The Art of Mentorship (Counselor, Coach, Leader, Friend)   Clay Art Center is pleased to present Lineage: The Art of Mentorship, curated by artist and educator Gail Kendall, this exhibition showcases artist-educators and their chosen protégés, exhibiting the importance and impact of the tutelage of the artists of our … Read More »

Second Nature: Beauty in the Ordinary

transFORM Gallery is happy to announce our Summer Exhibit, Second Nature: Beauty in the Ordinary. The collection of artwork will be on display from June 12th through August 30th, 2014. An opening reception will be held at transFORM Gallery on June 12th from 6 – 9pm.  Exhibited artists include Glenn Fisher, Anita Lobel, Dena Schutzer, … Read More »