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Arts & Economic Prosperity IV

Westchester County is one of 182 study regions that participated in Arts & Economic Prosperity IV (2010), the most comprehensive study of its kind ever conducted. It documents the economic impact of the nonprofit arts and culture sector in 139 cities and counties, 31 multicity or multi-county regions, 10 states, and two individual arts districts—representing all 50 U.S. states and the District of Columbia. To view the complete 32-page study of the nonprofit arts industry, click
The Arts & Economic Prosperity Report.

The economic impact of the arts in Westchester has increased by 189% since 1995 to a high of $156.44 million. To view and download the 2011 four-page comparative summary, click here.

For a free copy of the Creative Industries report created by Americans for the Arts, click here.


Why do “the Arts Matter?”
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