Quilt-Making Residency at Graham Elementary School



40 – 4th Grade Students



12 Full Day Sessions



Curriculum Focus:

The students created a quilt that integrated landforms and geographic features that they were studying in social studies. They then created felted pizzas that assisted as a visual aid for learning fractions and fraction word problems.

Integrated Learning Standards:


Social Studies- Geographic features, Math- Fractions

Social Studies:  CCLS: 6-8.RST.4

Math:    CCLS: 4.NF.4b

CCLS: 4.NF.3

CCLS: 4.NF.3a

CCLS: 4.NF.3b

CCLS: 4.NF.3c

CCLS: 4.NF.3d




Students were able to cut felt fabric, learn to sew, create pizza designs and sew a sign. They also learned to create a design on paper by cutting and pasting.



Social Goal

Students worked as a whole to create a plan and design for their quilt. Then they worked in smaller groups to sew and cut felt.

Developmental Goal

Students developed an understanding of the “big ideas” of mathematics and interrelated concepts that form a framework for learning mathematics in a coherent way.

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