Public Art Residency at Sleepy Hollow Middle School


200 – 7th and 8th Grade Students



20 full days (sculpture residency), 8 half days (public Speaking Residency), 10 full days (mapping residency), 8 half days(photography residency).



Curriculum Focus:

The science curriculum was the overriding thread throughout all of the residencies.  The sculptures were based on the following themes ‘predator and prey’, ‘symbioses and ‘camouflage’.  The ELA curriculum was also supported through writing, presenting and documentation of work.

Integrated Learning Standards:







Students focused artistically on a variety of artistic techniques:

  • In the sculpture residency, students learned about the creation of public art.
  • Through photography residency, students learned how to use documentary photography to tell a story.
  • In the mapping residency, student learned how to map and measure the grounds and create a digital map.
  • In the public speaking residency, students worked to speak confidently about art.



Social Goal

Students participated in a shared art-making experience improved students relationships, encouraged positive peer interaction and communication

Developmental Goal

The program brought together English Language Learners(ELL) with the general education students and enhance communication skills.  Students enhanced their public speaking abilities while participating in a creative experience.



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