Mental Health Recipients


  • Site: White Plains Hospital Continuing Day Treatment Center
  • Location: White Plains
  • Artist: Jeffrey Schrier
  • Number of Participants: 12

The goal of this residency was to transform wasteful materials into a beautiful sculpture. The participants collected plastic water bottles and were shown how to color, cut, mold and attached them to one another. At the end of the program the participants had created a recycled sculpture that would hang in their community room.

Developmental: During this residency the participants were able to strengthen their cognitive abilities such as hand-eye coordination, memory (short term), attention and repetition to develop technical ability.

The participant in this program learned the basics of creating a sculpture and how non-traditional materials can used to create unique art pieces.

(list specifics based on disorders)

The participants learned the significance of creating independent and collaborative work. They learned to be receptive to other ideas and opened to sharing their own discovered methods of working.