Photography Residency for Children

10-12 Years Old

18 Half Day sessions

  • Site: School 13 (Westhab, Inc. Afterschool program)
  • Location: Yonkers, NY
  • Artist: John Rizzo
  • Number of Participants: 30

In partnership with Westhab, Inc., participants received an introduction to photography, which included course in how to shoot still life, portraits, silhouettes, capture action sequence, conduct video interview and create fog with dry ice.

Developmental: Through this program the participants were able to strengthen their hand-eye coordination, visual-spatial understanding, proper sequencing and problem solving skills.

Many of the students had never held a professional camera before this program. That experience coupled with learning photography techniques such as lighting, balance, motion blur, smoke art and high speed shots helped produced wonderful images created by the students.

(list specifics based on disorders)

This residency encouraged the participants to work together and respect one another’s thoughts and opinions.