Winners 2012: Sophia Abeles Education








Steffi Nossen School of Dance
Seventy-five years is an extraordinary milestone for any organization!  And The Steffi Nossen School of Dance has achieved great things since it was founded in 1937 on the belief that dance is a unique form of education:  developing the body, mind, spirit, and character.  In its long history, this remarkable organization has embraced “hip hop,” modern jazz,  ballet and tap, reaching out to a broad and diverse segment of the population.  Even students with special needs are integrated into dance classes called “Moving Wheels & Heels” for wheelchair-bound or those with other limitations.  Pre-schoolers to professionals have found a home at Steffi Nossen and after 75 years there is no doubt that dance is king in Westchester!  For more information on Steffi Nossen, see their Cultural Organization Profile  or visit

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