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Wilfredo Morel completed his University art education at Lehman College in Bronx. His local art installations include a river front sculpture at China Pier in Peekskill composed of recycled piping from the old Flieschman’s Gin Plant. Another of his riverfront works of recycled materials is permanently installed at the Mid-Hudson Bridge. Wilfredo completed the refurbishing of an antique bonze sculpture portraying St. Augustine for St Augustine’s Church in Ossining, New York. The work is the central focus for a church front plaza and park created around it, with panoramic views of the Hudson and the Croton Point marshes. Wilfredo’s works are sought after by many private collectors as well as for community installations.

Wilfredo worked on “The Children’s Sculpture” that involves area students in research of Peekskill’s industrial history. This work was completed in 1999 and installed near the entrance of the Blue Mountain Reservation in Peekskill, New York. Wilfredo received a grant from the Westchester Arts Council to collaborate with Poder America, to involve Ossining area youth in arts projects. Wilfredo completed fifteen works of recycled materials for installation as roadside art along Route 9, sponsored by Peekskill area industry. Global Land Materials Inc., of Brookhaven, Long Island commissioned Wilfredo to create a massive “globe” out of recycled metals for their facility.

Wilfredo’s art has received prominent media attention in regional press and cable TV broadcasts. By using recycled materials related to the communities where materials are found, Wilfredo’s art provides a powerful symbolic model for art as a focal point in urban renewal, emphasizing a revitalization of discarded and neglected resources.

Wilfredo and artist Jeffrey Schrier worked together on the development of several projects, including WINGS OF WITNESS, where Wilfredo provided technical development and support. The project will eventually involve more than 40,000 students nationally in making components of a memorial sculpture of 11 million soda can tabs, while learning about racism and tolerance.

Wilfredo’s most recent works include the William E. Shands Monument located in Peekskill, NY. This is a life size bronze sculpture that is the centerpiece of a community housing project entrance plaza. Wilfredo has also completed a life size steel abstract sculpture that is permanently installed at the Marist College Student Center in Poughkeepsie, NY.

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