Victoria Rolett

category: Visual,

Contact & Info


Phone: 9145828432


Artist Statement

In my response to sites that punctuate the world around me, I am a passionate, obsessive and untrained sociologist.  I am analyzing and pulling apart the motifs of architecture and spatial organization.  I attempt to break monotony of conventional places by giving form to spaces unseen and unexpected.

I collapse geography, history, and time by reorienting the architectural signifiers, and the structural integrity of specific places.  In this way the paintings and prints attempt to reveal potentially unknown or perhaps even intentionally hidden histories.

In this way I complicate formulaic relationships to spaces that are domestic, industrial, commercial, ect.  My materials intentionally borrow from the languages of excavation to slowly erode unreliable facades and expose a truth that is often glazed over by the veil of generic representations. In these ways I attempt to reflect my delight that things are not as I assumed and an understanding of a deeper history at large.  Of course my work can never fully represent the experience of a particular place, but only propose a deeper and more complex understanding of the built world around us.

Educational Background

Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts PAFA,                                      Master of Fine Arts, Interdisciplinary Philadelphia, PA                 2015-17 

Maryland Institute College of Art MICA                                                Bachelor of Fine Arts, Painting Major Baltimore, MD                    2007-11