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Artist Statement

Toni Quest has an MAED in Adult Educatin and Training, and a BFA, Communication Arts. She became a self-taught portrait artist in 1994 after a traumatic car accident. She teaches a course she calls 'Self-Actualizing Portraiture (c)', which she further developed in 2009 as her research thesis in graduate school, specifically for war veterans suffering from Post-traumatic Stess Discrder (PTSD). Her plan is also applicable to other learning populations. As a Judge for ACT-SO / NAACP Awards, she was a panelist for the Visual Arts Category in 2005. Toni Quest has had success with both her Screaming Woman(R) and Neo-Americana series, as well as her portraits of musical icons and others. Her portraits of James Brown were selected for inclusion in the Visual Soul exhibition in 2006.  A piece from her Neo-Americana series received an honorable mention in the 2005 Beaux Arts Juried Exhibition. Her painting, U.S. in Us is the cover art for the poetry anthology, 'View from the Middle of the Road - Part 2'.  Selection of poems written by Toni Quest are also included in the anthology. Toni Quest is also the  host of a weekly talk radio program, on which she interviews artists, musicians and individuals affiliated with the arts. Her program, 'Screaming Woman (R) Talks' can be heard on Monday nights at 8:30 PM on Toni Quest is amenable to engaging in licensing contracts. She is also amenable to engaging in per diem teaching contracts, as well as exhibitions of her original artwork.

Educational Background

MAED - University of Phoenix BFA - New York Institute of Technology American Academy of Dramatic Arts