Tom Musante

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Artist Statement

Thirty years after receiving my first 35-millimeter SLR camera, I have “rediscovered” photography. Coinciding with the end of a long and rewarding rugby career, I wanted to turn to something that was easier on the body, no less challenging to the mind and equally rewarding to the spirit. Through my photographs, I interpret the scene before me and express my vision through the camera. My photography takes me outdoors where I have always enjoyed hiking, camping and kayaking.  It allows me to compose images of the various landscapes, and views I encounter. Hopefully the resulting images resonate with onlookers and art enthusiasts in a positive and meaningful way. The photographer's eye also allows me to look at scenes and surroundings close to home and “on” the beaten path where I capture perspectives that may go unnoticed during the comings and goings of everyday life. A finished photograph is the result of rendering my artistic vision through the lens of the camera. The image, if successful, evokes in me emotions that I had at the moment the picture was taken; the original fleeting moments of place, time and light. These feelings invigorate my spirit and it is that experience that I hope to share.

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