Tia Koulianos

category: Visual, Visual-Illustration,

Artist Statement

As a channel and energy healer my new body of work evolved into something energetic and attuned to the Sacred, to the Divine. This was a natural progression from abstract figurative painting and into something more healing and co-creative. It is less a visual form than it is a visceral and energetic one. While channeling I tone and chant while moving quickly with acrylic, pencils or pastels as I receive messages from the Angels. I often incorporate the messages themselves. This work is about what is experienced and felt while interacting with the piece, and how one’s frequency can expand while experiencing art. Love wins, love is always the answer.

Educational Background

Emerging artist, Tia Koulianos, has used her profound spiritual journey to express the Spirit and her connection to the higher self. While learning to balance her life with illness colors became part of her spiritual language. Her energetic figurative work expresses the alive body regardless of perceived limitation. While her channeled work expands beyond all boundaries with blasts of color and movement. Koulianos is a channel for Spirit and her newer body of work expresses Angelic frequencies through various mediums. She uses chant and toning as she channels the energy of the Divine and specifically attunes each work for her client. Each piece is a form of healing modality that is encoded with the frequency of the Archangelics.

Koulianos was born in 1969 in the New York City Suburbs. She lives and works in White Plains, NY. Her Father was an art teacher at a Scarsdale Elementary School. Her Mother is a Columbia University English Literature graduate and author. Koulianos has studied sculpture (Under Sarah Katz and Barney Hodes) and design at various schools throughout New York City. Her work is in private collections in NY, CA, SD and Sweden.