Toni Southard

category: Visual,

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Artist Statement

I express myself in a variety of formats, most recently collage which incorporates the qualities of my abstract, representational and multimedia works.  Originally my collages were small and intimate. I'm experimenting on a larger scale while trying to capture the same playful spirit of the smaller pieces.  I enjoy what is unpredictable and natural, such as markings, tears, wrinkles, folds and smudges.  I care about the process, and keeping pieces of the beginning, the underpainting and layers that create the final work. My background lies in textile and interior design, trompe l'oeil, painting and drawing.  I have been a professional teacher in the arts, early childhood and elementary for over 20 years. My artwork is about bringing together pieces of my world, both personal and professional, from childhood to adulthood.  My work is a wish for simplicity and security.  By connecting images of nostalgia, memory and meaning, I tell a story. These images are about celebrating life, taking risks and moving freely in the world with the essentials, of course - stylish shoes and a sturdy vintage suitcase.

Educational Background