Zuzanna Sochaczewska

category: Visual,

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Artist Statement

There are labels we assign to ourselves that serve to group us in different sub-genres of people and simultaneously isolate us from others. In my work I aim to strip myself of all the labels that are used to define me in any other way than what I believe truly matters- a human. Through my constant exploration of my own humanity I aim to gain a better understand of human nature and call attention to the link between all people despite their ethnicity, gender, age and background. My artwork assumes that we are more than just adjectives.   Through the documentation of responses to fabricated environments I explore my own nature and draw parallels in my findings between myself and others. My art making process is as intuitive as possible and I aim to maintain a certain degree of authenticity by limiting my own control. In fact, I often find myself analyzing my completed work in order to gain a better understanding of myself.   © Zuzanna Sochaczewska

Educational Background

Irvington High School 2013 Cooper Union School of Art 2017